Monday, December 13, 2010

A postmodern christmas tale (a sign of the times)

This is Sreck the halls, the first in the Sreck Christmas specials. I find it to be a very postmodern holiday special.. It teaches a very different message than say, A Charle brown christmas.. But I guesse thats is what it is like to live in a postmodern world of PC temperments and pluralist ideology.

I saw three themes that it taught:

1. Everyone has a perspective on a timeless story, the story is not important the telling of their version is important. The tossing of the book over his shoulder is a classic picture of modern attitude to historical tradition and beleifs. Relitivism at its best.

2. There is no right way to do the holidays - because all truths are just tightly held preferances. We all get to tell the story our way. Relitivism in all its glory.

3. The true meaning of the holidays is family - and has nothing to do with the birth of a baby in a manger two thousand years ago.

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