Friday, June 13, 2008

A prophetic prayer of Hope Inflamed

AS I was writing this morning I was over come captured to tears with a vision of the bride of Christ living in Romans 12:1-3. The picture was of a bride as wondrous as a Mountain View yet tender, delicate, like the morning-light dancing on a dew drop. She stood on an alter Ablaze with fire yet she was not consumed, every moment on that alter changed her in deeper and deeper beauty. her eyes fixed on her love, one worth of a journey of 10 lifetimes! And as she stood in the flame! The nations – God be Praised – the nations where coming to her!! With tears steaming, I wrote this as I was captured by the thought. Pray this with me and join in the song of my brokenness.

So we pray:

GOD Bless us with your water, burn us with your fire, and make us your bride, radiant, clean, incandescent, fascinating, pure, resplendent, a bright outshining of your sacrifice. Change us to be a People of one joy, one hope, one faith, one fire, one LOVE! Make us anything but dull, drab, dreary, people unfazed by your epic nature.

We repent of being a people tedious about things that do not matter and unexcited about things that do. We repent of lifeless, ungrateful, living when the source of all life dwells inside us. We repent of the sin of being uninteresting people, boring and not daring for fear we may sin and in that commit the sin of the Pharisees: erecting walls you did not build and cutting ourselves off from the life you abundantly give.
Lord of these things we repent!

We repent for our lackluster talk about you and our insistent, monotonous, caviler, conversations that hurt and wound our brothers and sisters in Christ. We repent of seeking to find fault unnecessarily in the name of holiness but under the direction of our insecurities and pompous need to be better than others. We repent for raising trivial objections, being difficult people in the name of excellence but under the direction of a desire to be right. We repent of quibbling about important ideas in the name of rightness but under the direction of a heart that just loves conflict. Lord, Let us not divide what is not divided and not curse what remains unbroken. Train our hearts to find our identity in the confession of who you say we are and not in the comparison of who we are not!
Lord of these things we repent!

We pride ourselves on our discernment though you call it faith-less suspicion.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge of you though you shine no illumination on it.
We pride ourselves on the kingdoms we have built though your Kingdome is outside our gates.
We pride ourselves on taking your message to the world though your message is not found breaking our hearts.
We pride ourselves on being passionate for your glory though your glory is the last thing we truly, honestly, diligently seek!

Lord God Save us from ourselves and of these things we repent!

In your mercy hear me now
In your love hear me now
In your justice hear me now

We need you .. we need the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
We need you .. the God of glory honor and power
We need you .. the God – all consuming fire
We need you .. Father of glory –
We need you .. Son of greatest Honor
We need you .. Spirit of unmatched power
We need you to make us Your Fire Bride

So the nations will know that GOD is the God above all.
NO Longer will they sing and bow to lifeless idols
No Longer will they follow the fruitless, faithless, wayward longings of their Hearts
YOU WILL Hear their Song turn to you – their hearts bowed to you
There Journey will be to you… GOD of infinite beauty!

So on the grounds of Your JELOUSLY and on the eternal foundation of Your GLORY
I lay my request: BURN US TILL WE LOVE YOU!

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