Monday, December 25, 2006

when a culture of spin enters the church

How to be a great leader in Christianity - and sell your soul in the process..

1. Your morality is your image! Be aware of the eyes of others. Make this the cornerstone of your Christian life. In all the little things of life be as selfish as you want but when they eyes of the crowd are watching .. show off how much of a real Christian you are..

2. Seek self glory in the name of God .. Believe God wants you to have a position of power. Be a preacher or better a Worship guitar guru!

3. Preach leadership by a ethic of service and live leadership by a Machiavellian ethic.

4. Understand how to use the power of personality and call it the power of God.

5. Understand how to use manipulation and call it the Spirit.

6. Seek a position rather than God’s passion. People can’t always see a passion

7. Image is everything .. So how you make your personality is very important. Care more about the church being clean for Sunday than you care about how much the church gives to those in need.

8. Preach more do less.

9. Preach the truth with spin! Truth and lying are flexible. Learn to Spin Truth to make yourself look good. How?
  1. Always speak on the conservative majority side of the Christian issue. This way you will never be singled out for anything other than greatness. They may even call you a Prophetic voice of truth.
  2. Care little for truth.. Care much for the appearance of caring for truth.
  3. Be loud about it.. it is not about clarity but intensity.
  4. Always spin the facts.. You can do this with our ever really lying, ....
        • Example.. Say you’re in leadership of a public institution; you need the people that support the institution to have hope and faith in you so they will give. At your inaugural address Declare that enrolment is up but do not tell them that the reason is because you started a collage over the summer. Reality is enrolment is down in the seminary. See you did not Lie .. go and do likewise.
  5. Always make a clear us/them distinction no matter how complicated the issue showing how you’re the ”Good.” guy and they well are the “evil” ones..(ironic I know) even better if you use the flexibly of language and call them liberals or democrats.
  6. Demonize all that appose you and make them the ones to balm for everything from abortion to global warming.
  7. Appear smart - confuse them a little with big words and bad illustrations, so they assume you’re so smarter than them. All this so when you make you simple point. They will believe it no questions. People are sheep that do not really care about anything other than feeling right (it is our sin nature at work).
  8. Be funny winsome and personable even if your natural state is otherwise. You need not pray and discipline your heart to love other so you will be those things. Who you are is really protean, and image anyway! It is not who you are but who people thing you are.

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